Bitter Sweet Love

April 21, 2012 § Leave a comment


KRYSTAL and JOEL are sleeping in the bed. JOEL rolls over and lays his entire body on top of KRYSTAL. She becomes really annoyed and JOEL wakes up.




What’s wrong?


(sits up on the bed, crosses her arms, and looks miserable)

JOEL, I love you very much but I don’t think I can’t live with you. I’m really sorry to tell you so late. I know Dean and Taylor have already found a place, so there is no way for you to live with them.


(sheds tears)

Please don’t take me wrong. I love you very much. You are so nice to me and I know I am very mean to you. And when I am mean to you, you take it in and don’t yell back because you are very nice. I know I can’t be like that and I really appreciate that you understand that.


(cries and breathes heavily)

But I just can’t do this anymore. I feel suffocated with you being around me all the time and I feel like I can’t do anything without you being here 24/7. I feel like I can’t breathe.


(looks at JOEL)

I am really sorry. I am a mean and selfish person to be with. I understand if you don’t want to be with me anymore because I want you out of my house. I thought I was ready but I am not. But it’s not too late to find a place to live in.



Naw, don’t worry about it. I didn’t know.  I’ll find a place. There are a lot of places for lease right now.


(puts right arm around KRYSTAL and hugs her)

You should have told me earlier. I really thought you were okay with it. But no worries, I can always find a place to live in.


(cries even more heavily)

I’m so sorry. You can leave me if you want. I understand. I am a bad person.


(uses both hands and firmly grabs KRYSTAL on the shoulders and looks in her eyes)

Naw, don’t worry about it. I am not going to leave you because of this. That makes no sense at all. I understand you need your space. I am sorry I just invaded your space without really asking for your consent. I thought you be okay with this. But I totally get it.

For two minutes, the couples hug each other while KRYSTAL continues to cry.


(wipes tears)

I’m gonna use the bathroom. Want me to get your toothbrush?




KRYSTAL gets off the bed and walks into the bathroom.



Should have told me earlier. Who am I going to room with? I don’t know anybody and pretty much sure everyone has every found someone to room with.

JOEL grabs his laptop from the table and surfs on the internet to find a place to live. He finds an apartment place called “Hayward Apartments.” He grabs his cell phone from the table and calls the telephone number.


(talks on the cell phone)


He runs out to the garage to continue on the conversation. KRYSTAL walks out from the bathroom with JOEL’s toothbrush. She notices him running out to the garage and then she goes into the room. She sees the apartment information on the laptop and understands that JOEL will be moving out sooner than she anticipates. She places the toothbrush on the table and sits on the chair.



(sounds a little suspicious and nervous)

Yeah, is this the Hayward Apartments? I saw the internet that you guys are leasing out a room for $450. I was wondering if the offer still exists.

JOEL hears the response.



Yeah, I was wondering if I can come take a look. Will today around 4pm be okay?


(waits for response)

Oh, okay! Then I will see you around 4pm then. Thanks! Bye!

JOEL walks back to the KRYSTAL’s room feeling relieved.



(looks at KRYSTAL with content)

I found a place that is cheap and looks pretty good. It is all the way down south but then there are a lot of buses that passes by. So commuting to work and food will not be a problem.


(speaks softly with remorse)

Oh…okay. Did you need me to drive you down there?


(starts putting on clothes)

No. I can get there by bus. Don’t worry about it. I am going there now.


(finishes putting on clothes)

I’ll see you later.


(speaks normally)

Bye. Call me if you need anything.



JOEL grabs the toothbrush and brushes his teeth in the bathroom. He then leaves the condominium. KRYSTAL goes to her bed. She curls up under her sheets and begins to cry.


This work was created by ogletterhead. Please be courtesy to not steal or use content without crediting writer. 


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