About me

I go by “ogletterhead” because my writing is purely original and does not copy other people’s work. I have an interest in creative writing because I am a creative person. I want to blog, but I don’t want to blog like others. So, I want to express my creativity and writing through screenwriting.

I do not know exactly the actual formatting and all that other junk. I am purely a novice who has the desire to produce and grow rather than technicality. I wouldn’t mind feedback!

Author: Anonymous

I get my inspiration from theater performances, movies, and life experiences. Sometimes I can be writing forever and there are times I get so brain dead that I don’t write for days. But, pretty much a typical dilemma of all writers! -_-

I hope you all like the screenplays I post. And while you are at it, please subscribe and come by to read some more!


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